Friday, May 27, 2022

General Assembly Crafts Amendments For I-66 Tolls, Fees For Car Titles

The dreaded I-66 tolls overhaul reveals its ugly head once more in the General Assembly and other transportation amendments travel through committees.

Failing To Earn Readership, Legacy Media Announces Mass Layoffs

Eventually people figure it out.  That's why the legacy media is dying. 

Progressive Democrats Rage Against Republican Workfare Reforms

If the Democrats are screaming bloody murder over it, there's merit in the deal. 

Ultima Ratio Regum And The Second Amendment

The final argument of kings was intentionally democratized by the Founders, which is why the right to self-defense is an absolute among a free people.

New Economy Workforce Credential Grants Program Proves Success

The New Economy Workforce Credential Grants program is providing an alternative path to the middle class in Virginia and bolstering the economy.
foster care

Foster Care, Adoption Legislation Gets Emotional With Experience

An element of emotion and stories based on personal experience have been injected into legislation regarding foster care adoption in Virginia.

Tenth District Democrats Running Further Left To Unseat Virginia’s Comstock

Democrats in Virginia's tenth district are now running further and further to the left in hopes of unseating incumbent Barbara Comstock.

LINGAMFELTER: Don’t Blame House Republicans For The Big Blue Wave

Blame a razor thin 51-49 margin and a 15 member forfeit in 2017 for imposing new political realities on Richmond and the General Assembly.

BACON: One Man’s Descent into Healthcare Price Opacity

We know how to get to a single-payer health system but we don't know yet how to get to a market-based health system.

Medicaid Expansion Deal Struck Between Governor and House Leadership

Northam agrees to House demand for workfare requirement, private health care plans, additional conservative reforms imposed by Trump Administration.