Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Remso: Democrats Bring In Lawless Eric Holder To Fundraise

Remso Martinez sounds off on the latest move by Democrats to raise money from disgraced former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Northam Defections Are Up As Middlesex Sheriff Endorses Gillespie

The 64th sheriff to endorse Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie today sends further shockwaves into an already troubled Northam campaign effort.

The Injustice At George Mason Elementary School

Recent news of high levels of lead in Richmond schools drinking water shows the unacceptable disconnect between quality schools and tearing down statues.

Fredericksburg’s Stumbling Block And The Legacy of Enslavement

Fredericksburg natives understand the Slave Auction Block for what it is -- a Stolperstein or stumbling block ahead of its time. 

Op-Ed: City of Hate? Charlottesville Church Hosts Anti-Jewish Race Hustler Malik Shabazz

Shabazz on Jews in Israel: "Kill every goddamn Zionist in Israel! Goddamn little babies, goddamn old ladies! Blow up Zionist supermarkets!"

Democratic Observers Discuss Northam’s “Impending Disaster” In Virginia

As poll after poll after poll confirms the opposite, the so-called counter-narrative starts becoming something more ominous -- reality. 

Monmouth University: Another Poll, Another Statistical Tie For Gillespie

Just five points separate the Virginia gubernatorial picks in another poll showing Trump at 40% approval ratings and wild answers on jobs and the economy.

Something Is Seriously Wrong With The Northam Campaign

Messaging off, fundraising down... and Northam is nowhere to be seen. Are we seeing a replay of Creigh Deeds's 2009 effort from the Virginia Democrats?

VHREF Livecast On Virginia’s Opioid Epidemic Tonight at 8pm

Nationwide, more than 50,000 die of this epidemic every year -- that's a 9/11 scale loss of human life every three weeks.

Roanoke College Comes Down To Earth; Another DEVASTATING Poll For Northam

Some other alarming signs for Democrats in this poll?  Trump only comes in at 36%, an eight point jump from the last time Roanoke conducted its poll.