Saturday, March 25, 2023

Williams: Blame The Welfare State, Not Jim Crow

"The undeniable truth is that neither slavery nor Jim Crow nor the harshest racism has decimated the black family the way the welfare state has."

CNU Wason: Northam Underperforms Again; Vogel and Adams Within Striking Distance

...and with a more realistic generic ballot? Gillespie remains well within the margin of error for the Virginia gubernatorial nod.

WaPo: Northam’s Two-Faced Position on Campaign Finance Reform

"For all his campaigning against big money in politics, Northam now seems all too happy to accept big money when it suits him."

Ken Burns’ Vietnam Might Be The Best Documentary Ever Made

The documentary provides the raw emotions of the conflict in a way that brings the humanity of both sides to bear -- and the mistakes and errors.

Is Northern Virginia Democrat Kathleen Murphy In Trouble?

Murphy is getting a bailout from the Virginia House Democrats -- money that you would think shouldn't have to be spent up in Northern Virginia (at all).

CNU Wason Center To Issue Gubernatorial Poll on Monday; Start Track Polling in October

What is more interesting to the rest of us?  Daily track polling much as what Rasmussen does for presidential approval ratings.  

Democrat Cheryl Turpin Is Running For An Office That Doesn’t Exist

Turpin's first mailing arrived in Virginia Beach, and her spiffy new logo clearly states she is running for “85 District Virginia House of Representatives”.

Washington Post, Democrats Desperately Run For Cover On MS-13

If images of MS-13 gang members in El Salvador are so terrible, then why does the Washington Post use them so liberally when reporting on MS-13?

Hillary Clinton Will Never Learn, But We Should

This may be the most unnecessary book since OJ wrote “If I Did It,” but there are lessons in her zombie-like re-emergence, even for Republicans.

Republican John Adams Gets $300K Boost Against “Red” Herring

Democratic Attorney General Mark "Red" Herring is the one last remaining hope as national Democrats begin salvaging at least one statewide race in Virginia.