Monday, October 26, 2020
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One of Virginia's premier political consultants, analysts and experts with over 50 professional campaign victories. Brian Kirwin is the "go to" guy for sharp analysis and commentary on political issues and campaigns.

Hypocrite Herring: Facebook is only for Democrats

When Democrats mine data from Facebook, it's called innovative.  When Republicans do it, it's "troubling."

Killed By a Van? Democrats Don’t Care

Ask them to say, "Vans don't kill people.  People kill people."

Virginia Beach Democrats Elect Republican as Chair

Apparently, the new VB Democrat Chair has supported a whole lot of Republicans.

Del. Kelly Fowler: “Do not speak about me”

Say something that Del. Kelly Fowler doesn't like, and she doesn't want you to speak at all.

Citigroup’s Guns Restriction – Marketing Ploy?

This all a big show for Citi designed to get the attention of young people who are looking for their first and for the next 5-10 years only credit card.

Why Won’t the Media Ask Kaine about Hillary’s Comments?

Heck, the only two people Hillary hasn't blamed for her loss is Kaine and herself.

Thank You, Hillary Clinton. Please Continue.

Maybe Hillary can be the key to the Democrats losing in 2018, too.
Ralph Northam

Democrats Can’t Oppose Work Requirements For The “Working Poor”

Democrats say those in the coverage gap are already working and no one currently on Medicaid would be negatively affected by a work requirement.
Ralph Northam

Northam Insults Virginia Teachers

If I was a teacher, I don't know what would make me madder:  That Northam thinks current teachers aren't the best talent, or that he thinks people became teachers for the money.