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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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One of Virginia's premier political consultants, analysts and experts with over 45 professional campaign victories. Brian Kirwin is the "go to" guy for sharp analysis and commentary on political issues and campaigns.

Why Are Unions Funding Northam?

Would they seriously take all their union members money and throw it away on a candidate for Governor who says he won't work to make Virginia a union state?

Washington Post & Virginian-Pilot: Betsy DeVos Is Right About Colleges and Sexual Assault

When two of Virginia's most liberal newspapers start patting Betsy DuVos on the back, it's worth noting.

Is the Virginian-Pilot Shifting to the Right?

From applauding Herring as a champion of justice to disparaging him for targeting law-abiding citizens in two short years!

Gov. McAuliffe Slams Trump Pardon But Calls for Reconciliation?

Isn't a "time for reconciliation" the perfect time to issue a pardon?

Associated Press Becomes the Advocacy Press

The only thing the Associated Press is associated with is the Democratic National Committee.Call it the Advocacy Press from now on.

Americans Disavow Hatred But Defend Historical Monuments

The clear message from this poll is that the fringe hate groups are very fringe hate groups, and almost all Americans have completely rejected and disavowed their hatred.

Soda Costs More Than Beer, Thanks to Philly Tax

I've always said Democrat tax policies will drive people to drink.

Northam Refuses to Debate Gillespie in Hampton Roads

Northam campaign's response?   Stream it, and you should be happy that you can watch online.

Democrats’ “Better Deal” Is Nothing New

Talk about Russian collusion!  There's more Russian (or Soviet, to be specific) collusion in these ideas than with anyone from Trump's presidential campaign.

Trump’s Weekend Twitter Poll

That's a clear message - Trump supporters want Republicans they elected to support the President.