Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Ralph Northam

Northam Insults Virginia Teachers

If I was a teacher, I don't know what would make me madder:  That Northam thinks current teachers aren't the best talent, or that he thinks people became teachers for the money.

“Pragmatic” Northam Pushing Same Old Democrat Agenda

What's so pragmatic about the same agenda Terry McAuliffe pushed? 

Del. Kelly Fowler: Legislation Doesn’t Match Campaign

Is real estate reform really the key issue facing Virginia?

94th District: Democrats suing to not count Republican vote

Yes, Virginia, Democrats are suing to get judges to throw out a voter's cast ballot so they can win.

Will Reporters-Turned-Delegates Eliminate Newspaper Tax Unfairness?

Why should Democrat legislators support a special tax break for newspapers in return for coddling coverage?

Democrats Misread 2017 as Medicaid Mandate

To misread 2017 as an affirmation of their liberal agenda will give them electoral whiplash that will be fun to see in 2019.

MSNBC Finally Turns on the Clintons

Seems like the lifetime pass from the left for Bill and Hillary Clinton has been revoked.

After Attacking Lobbyists, Northam Hires One

Even Terry McAuliffe didn't load up his transition team with lobbyists and union chiefs.

Washington Post Decries “Gutter Tactics” and Then Uses Them

I've never seen a newspaper criticize a candidate for tactics in one paragraph and then go directly into using the exact same tactics they decry.

Washington Post Quickly Disregards Poll of Falling Northam

It looks like the campaign of no-show Northam is generating a lot of no-show voters.