Hillary Clinton needs to stop, she needs to stop talking about this topic unless Bill Clinton wants to come forward and apologize for being a sexual harasser, for settling with women.”  Mika Brzezinski MSNBC

Seems like the lifetime pass from the left for Bill and Hillary Clinton has been revoked.  Never once have I seen the left castigate Bill Clinton as a “sexual harasser” before.  Heck, Saturday Night used to joke about it.

In fact, one of the lead writers for SNL at the time was Sen. Al Franken, who himself is accused of multiple instances of sexual groping of women.  I wonder if he wrote the line in the above sketch.

Finally, after 25 years, a prominent member of the liberal media publicly calls out Bill Clinton for what he spent his career doing, from Arkansas to the White House.

“He needs to apologize as quickly as Al Franken did,” said Brzezinski, which means he’s 25 years too late.

By the way, why is it that liberals get to apologize and conservatives get to resign?  I never understood why liberals never believe in equality of justice.  Apology is the first step to redemption but it’s only one step.

“You, the politician, and your wife, the politician, need to not talk about these issues. Just don’t, unless you want to come to the table with some honesty,” added the MSNBC host.

Well, that would be a hoot.  An honest Clinton.  Even so, Bill and Hillary admitting to what has been clear to even the most daft observer of American politics still wouldn’t give them some mighty perch from which to educate us on what morality is.

The main point, though, is comments like these would never be broadcast on MSNBC unless the left has finally gotten the hint that Hillary adds nothing to the Democratic Party and actually is its most polarizing loser in a generation.  Obama benefited from her unpopularity throughout 2008 and she only won the Democratic nomination for President in 2016 because almost no one would run against her, other than an insignificant socialist from Vermont who nearly defeated her, too, except for several fingers on the scales at the DNC making sure she superdelegated her way into to a race against Trump which she lost to the shock of everyone in the media but for a few who read the country better than the pundits.

My guess is the left now knows that a visible Hillary plays to Trump’s advantage, and the left is proceeding to do to her what her husband Bill did in what was known as his “Sister Souljah moment” in 1992: toss someone on your own side overboard to achieve a political high ground.  It’s exit state left for Clinton & Clinton, and it started with Mika’s moment on MSNBC.