Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Ralph Northam Is a Confused Man

Trump is a narcissistic maniac; Trump is a guy he can work with; Trump is responsible for MS-13... perhaps Northam needs to diagnose himself?

Impact of Hurricanes Felt in September Jobs Report

The impact of the hurricane season doesn't mask the underlying strength of the American recovery, and there are three great reasons why.

Schilling: Anarchists Encourage Monticello HS Football Players To Take a Knee

Solidarity C'ville is bullying students into "taking a knee" for Friday night football, taking exception with Monticello HS's commitment to free speech.

Daily Beast: Democrats Begin Openly Panicking About Northam’s Chances

In Virginia, Gillespie is dominating the narrative and proving that Northam is quickly running out of math and running out of time.

Democratic LG Candidate Justin Fairfax Leans Into Gun Confiscation

NRO: "When Fairfax says “getting those out of civilian hands and getting those off the street” – is he talking about confiscation?"

Democrat Guzman Unleashes Nasty Campaign Slick Against Lingamfelter

Another bankrupt idea, we suppose. 

Higgins: Who Is Paying For Anti-Gillespie Polls on Facebook?

More revealing though is the utter contempt Democrats hold for conservatives voters.  Does anyone think this would actually work?

When You Underpoll Trump By 13 Points, You Magically Get Northam +13

The Washington Post has finally given up on the pretense of objectivity at this rate. With poll numbers that shock even the most jaded politicos in...

21st Century Secession Fever

With the “two Americas” watching different news and entertainment, can demands for European style ethnocentric or identity-centric devolution be far behind?

BREAKING: Charlottesville Judge Rules Statute Protecting War Memorials Retroactively Applies

Judge Moore came to his conclusion based on a "common sense" metric.