Friday, December 8, 2023
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Strickland Touts Best-In-State Grassroots Support

Virginia State Senate candidate Matt Strickland - a veteran and Spotsylvania County business owner - joined Common Sense America host Eden Gordon-Hill to discuss...

Medicaid Expansion Deal Struck Between Governor and House Leadership

Northam agrees to House demand for workfare requirement, private health care plans, additional conservative reforms imposed by Trump Administration.

EDITORIAL: Racism Has No Place In The GOP; Burgos Must Go

The Republican Party of Virginia is no haven or home for racists and bigotry; Fredy Burgos is a cancer that should have been removed long ago.

Jordan Peterson and Religion on the Internet

The greatest power a state can possess is the power to control what they say, and this allows the state to alter the nature of truth and reality itself.

Ralph Northam Is Out Of Math and Out Of Time

Northam's staff are both publicly and privately derisive of the candidate himself, viewing him as insufficiently energetic to motivate the progressive base. 

How Many Times Does The WaPo Have To Get Burned On Anonymous Sources?

Anonymous sources don't always operate within the boundaries of honesty.  Once is happenstance; twice, coincidence.  But three bad stories on flimsy evidence?

WaPo Slams Northam Hard on Education, But…

...the editorial feels more like evening up the score rather than a true balancing of the record.

California Dreaming; Democratic Scheming in VA-10

Whether it's terrible Top Gun ads, parachuting in California Dems to run, or waffling on the primary -- 10th District Democrats just can't help themselves.

The Injustice At George Mason Elementary School

Recent news of high levels of lead in Richmond schools drinking water shows the unacceptable disconnect between quality schools and tearing down statues.

Infrastructure Is Critical To Economic Development In Hampton Roads

Economic development doesn’t just happen. Regions must work together for the long term interests of their communities -- not buy in to political hysteria.