Saturday, March 25, 2023

Gillespie Won NOVA Chamber Endorsement Over Northam’s Opposition To Right To Work… Not Transgender...

This morning's Washington Post strays the line again: Northam spokeswoman Ofirah Yheskel said the lieutenant governor is the “only person in the race that will keep...

This Press Scrum Over Puerto Rico Is Media Bias In Action

Rather than treat it as a political football, politicians should seek to fix the Puerto Rico's longstanding problems rather than fix the blame.

Virginia Democrat Attempt To Justify (Illegal?) Text Message Spam

Can we think of any other political ideologies who thought they could override process on principle in order to effect social change?

Crowder Goes Undercover With Antifa

Antifa activists get arrested in Utah planning violence to counter-protest conservatives attending a Ben Shapiro presentation... but does the media care?

Democrat Justin Fairfax Sides With NFL Kneelers

Fairfax's actions disrespects our flag, disrupts our anthem, dishonors those who fought for our country, and makes first responders less safe.

BREAKING: Gillespie Wins Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Endorsement

Northern Virginia's business community followed up on Gillespie's outstanding performance with the best possible choice for Virginia's economy...

Doug Wilder Chooses Schools Over Statues

Former Richmond City Mayor and former Governor Doug Wilder puts the marker down on schools over statues; substance over form.

Remso: Democrats Bring In Lawless Eric Holder To Fundraise

Remso Martinez sounds off on the latest move by Democrats to raise money from disgraced former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Northam Defections Are Up As Middlesex Sheriff Endorses Gillespie

The 64th sheriff to endorse Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie today sends further shockwaves into an already troubled Northam campaign effort.

The Injustice At George Mason Elementary School

Recent news of high levels of lead in Richmond schools drinking water shows the unacceptable disconnect between quality schools and tearing down statues.