Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Low Energy Ad Kicks Off Spanberger’s 2025 Gubernatorial Campaign

The long knives are out already as Abigail Spanberger's long anticipated run for Virginia governor is now official.

Threats Don’t Go Well in a Small Town

Once again, Democrats can behave like Democrats... provided Republicans don't behave like Democrats. Why is that? What are they missing?

Elon Musk Boosts Ukraine’s Ability to Defend Itself

As conflict engulfs much of Ukraine, Elon Musk stepped forward this week to answer a call for help from one of the nation’s top...

Watch Elementary School Students React When Told They Can Ditch Masks

Your feel-good video of the day comes from an elementary school in Las Vegas, Nevada. Feel the goosebumps on...

ICYMI: Virginia Mom Goes Viral After Confronting School Board

In case you missed it, a courageous Virginia mother appeared before the Prince William County School Board and proceeded to explain how wrong and...

Delegate Nick Freitas Takes House Democrats to Task on Racism: “Not This Time”

After two weeks of being accused of racism, bigotry, hate and division, House Republicans are fed up.

Utah Rep. Burgess Owens Has Had Enough of the Soft Bigotry of Lowered Expectations

In Washington, the debate over the racially charged Democratic vote rigging bill is already making national waves.

Top Dem Operatives Reveal They Haven’t Learned From Virginia Sweep

A prominent left-wing super PAC has revealed that it hasn't learned much of anything from the party's losses in Virginia on election night 2021. The...

Tucker Carlson Tells the Nation What Really Happened in Virginia

In case you missed it — Tucker Carlson unleashed an eloquently scathing attack against Democrats who blamed Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin for a monstrous...

Winsome Sears’ Interview Goes Viral After Vaccine Questions

Virginia Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears' interview with CNN's Dana Bash has officially gone viral. During their conversation, Spears questioned the need for people to get...