With little to no coverage regarding Eric Holder’s elusive fundraiser for Virginia Democrats on October 13th (even after sending this tip to several other “mainstream” Virginia based conservative sites after this was first broke on TRS), I continued an investigation as to whether or not Democrats just weren’t publicizing the event or didn’t know Holder was coming to begin with.

The thing about fundraising is that people need to know an event is happening so they can show up and drop wads of cash, that’s fundraising 101. Virginia Democrats aren’t publically promoting the event on either their state or local social media (as of October 8th), you have to go way into their dusty website and go to the calendars page to see the event listed. Eric Holder isn’t some random former official, he was the Attorney General at the Department of Justice for a majority of the Obama administration and oversaw a list of scandals ranging from the illegal gun running scandal “Fast and Furious” to spying on the press without going through the legal procedures for wiretapping and surveillance.

As of recently, Holder joined his progressive pals in the entertainment industry where he is tapped to produce a legal drama for CBS, in turn creating a show which will echo the sentiments of his time as AG in order to create a narrative/echo chamber vis a vi fictitious storytelling similar to the way “Madam Secretary” was spun from the Hillary Clinton State Department days prior to her failed run for President in order to shed a soft light on her by creating a nicer character in her likeness.

While attending the annual Clifton Day in Clifton, VA this past Sunday, I took the time to interview locals regarding their knowledge of Holder’s arrival and whether or not this was a desperate attempt for the Democrats to bring in much desperately needed donations. As you entered the event, it was funny to notice the local Republican Women’s chapter was placed directly behind the booths for the Fairfax Democrats and the Maryland based Super PAC Dump Comstock.

Delegate Tim Hugo was at the event and took a moment to speak to me regarding the presence of Holder in this current campaign cycle, stating “I think it’s a shame, what they are doing is bringing in this left wing attorney general who’s made a living out of attacking Republicans, not even playing it down the middle like most attorney generals. He has been a partisan who doesn’t care because it’s all about politics and I think that’s the type of person that they’re bringing to town. He played in Ferguson, in Fast and Furious, he even went to the point of wiretapping reporters covering the Obama administration, so not even the reporters like him.”

After speaking to Delegate Hugo, I walked over to the Democrats where I was greeted with a “Dump Comstock” button in hand from one of the PAC volunteers named Lynn. When asked about whether she thought it was a good idea for Holder to come fundraise for Virginia Democrats, she went on to say it was a great because Holder is a pro-gun control advocate (obviously mentioning it to echo progressive talking points post Las Vegas shooting). When asked whether she was concerned about his involvement in the arming of Mexican Cartels that resulted in the linked deaths of US and Mexican citizens during Operation Fast and Furious, Lynn told me “I know nothing about that.”

Wanting to get some kind of an official statement from the local Democratic Party, I shuffled over to the Democrat’s booth next to the Dump Comstock booth. Strangely, even after Lynn had told me she had no involvement or ties to the local Democratic Party and was only at the event on behalf of Dump Comstock, Lynn stalked me and began to yell out to the Democrat activists “he’s a reporter… he wants to ask you about Fast and Furious”.

While speaking to the Democrats at the booth (none of whom wanted to disclose their name to me but stated they were the official points of contact for the Democrats) I asked once whether or not they were ignoring Holder’s ties to Cartel gun running simply to push forward their anti-gun agenda.

The booth director laughed at me stating “we need to have a serious talk about gun control.” Knowing she was avoiding the question, I asked if she know of how he kicked out the Associated Press from the White House press room while also spying on reporters, going as far to ask “are you saying that’s a lie?”

“I don’t know about that so I can’t comment on that… It’s time to talk about gun control, the reality is we need to talk about it now.” As she started to rant about the need for gun control, I was circled by the Democrats, where then she became increasingly loud and even went as far as to say “whatever Holder did before is not my concern right now, it is getting some really good gun control.” I tried to get her to clarify what she meant by “not my concern” but I was later demanded to leave as the Democrats started to clap and yell.

Listen to the full clip below:

The Democrats showed that they were willing to double down on their mob style accusatory tactics, either denying Fast and Furious even existed, trying to divert the conversation just on gun control, admitting that even “if” Fast and Furious did happen that it didn’t matter, and when all else failed, begin to yell, scream, intimidate, and throw a fit.

Democrats aren’t talking about Eric Holder’s arrival to fundraise for their candidates because if regular people know he was coming, there would be some serious issues with that. After interviewing five more voters at the event, none knew Holder was coming, but all said his presence was a true sign of desperation.

Author’s Note: In the audio where I reference the number of Mexicans killed, it wasn’t 36, it was actually closer to “hundreds.”