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Remso W. Martinez is the host of the Remso Republic Podcast.

Remso Republic Podcast: Dustin Gold “The Trump Guy” Combines Activism & Comedy

Comedy, politics, and good old grassroots activism clash with comedian/impersonator, commentator, and producer Dustin Gold (aka "the Trump Guy").

Remso Republic Podcast: Stephanie Hamill Discusses Truth In Journalism

El Chapo, Sean Penn, Roy Moore, Oh my! Citizen journalism is great until it runs amok and everyone starts screaming "fake news!"

Remso Republic Podcast: Frontier of Disruption

This Season 4 premier takes the show to depths unknown as we explore the creative disruptors changing the way we think about the world around us.

Creative Disruption Will Save Conservatism

We can't just have Friedman and Reagan on our reading lists, we have to have Hunter S. Thompson and Steve Jobs on it as well.

Remso Republic Podcast: Delegate Tim Hugo Discusses Policy vs Rhetoric

This current election in Virginia may seem boring compared to 2016, but that isn’t stopping the progressive Democrats from trying to drag us all...

Is This Why Virginia Democrats Ignored Holder’s NOVA Fundraiser?

After spending almost a month digging into the strange behavior by the Fairfax Democrats and state party regarding the publicly listed fundraiser for the...

Remso Republic Podcast: Right Wing Women Matter Too

From vicious feminists to Hollywood progressives, it seems women as a voting block might be a sacred cow unless you happen to not be a liberal.

Remso Republic Podcast: Making Coolidge Cool Again

Coolidge represents today a man whose reputation could only be properly examined through the pages of history.

Remso Republic Podcast: Party vs Principle

John Wesley Wood with the CRs at Liberty University discusses what party loyalty really means, and if principles should ever clash with it.