This current election in Virginia may seem boring compared to 2016, but that isn’t stopping the progressive Democrats from trying to drag us all into the mud. On top of that, we are currently facing the threat of not only higher taxes from Richmond but also an expanding lawless environment thanks to sanctuary cities and the attitude of ignoring Virginia’s MS-13 crisis. This weekend we are joined by Majority Caucus Chairman, Delegate Tim Hugo of district 40 to discuss what the biased media won’t.

Some additional info based off what we discussed:

– TRS feature with Delegate Glenn Davis regarding MS-13 issue.
– Did Delegate Bell say something racially insensitive? 
– Democrat flyer compares Republican woman to dog.
– The odd fundraising situation with Eric Holder. 
– My radio appearance discussing the “cartel” of progressive PACs and organizations the Democrats want you to ignore.

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