Christopher Newport University’s Wason Center is out with a new poll in the final week of the election showing former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden with a firm 12-point lead over incumbent Republican President Donald J. Trump.

From the release:

Biden’s advantage is built on the usual Democratic coalition of Black voters (90%-9%), women (60%-38%), and college-educated voters (60-35%), but he is also polling well among voters who often lean Republican. Voters 45 and older back Biden (54%-42%), men are split (46% Biden, 45% Trump) and non-college-educated voters show only a marginal preference for Trump (48%-46%).

“Biden’s lead continues to illustrate Virginia’s solid shift left in presidential and statewide races,” said Wason Center Research Director Rebecca Bromley-Trujillo. “The test on Election Day will be whether that shift holds in the competitive congressional districts that went to Democrats in 2018.”

Meanwhile, Republican challenger Daniel Gade continues to show remarkable strength heading into the final weeks to the election, with polls showing him as close as within 9% to the onetime presidential contender Mark Warner.

The amendment for redistricting — a bill once vociferously supported by Democrats until they captured the majority in the General Assembly in 2019 — looks set to pass by wide margins.

Top issues for voters remain centered on the pandemic, with COVID-19 (29%), the economy (21%) and health care (13%) listed — that’s 63% of voters.