Famartin via Wikimedia Commons

Virginia’s largest public school system is in open revolt against Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s mask-optional order.

In an uncompromising message to school administrators, Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) Superintendent Dr. Scott Brabrand  demanded that maskless children be threatened with suspension.

Brabrand’s orders were shared with administrators in a painstaking, 34 slide long PowerPoint presentation.

Asra Nomani, a former Georgetown professor, Wall Street Journal reporter and executive at the grassroots organization Parents Defending Education shared Brabrand’s COVID compliance manifesto on her Substack. Nomani called Brabrand “rogue” for defying Youngkin’s executive order, which lets parents decide if their children should wear masks in schools.

The Daily Wire reports:

The presentation posted by Nomani noted that refusing to wear a mask would count as a “Dress Code” violation and be subject to suspension. Here are the details from the presentation, as Nomani wrote (emphasis original):

Regarding “Intentional Removal / Refusal to Wear Face Covering,” he said: “Intentional removal of or refusal to wear a face covering during the times face coverings are required by all students will be treated as a violation of the Regulation 2613 (Student Dress Code). This includes indoors on school property and transportation.

This will result in an “SRR Violation of BSO7 (Dress Code),” and noted: “BSO3 (Refusal to comply with staff requests…) may be used as a secondary infraction code to document refusal despite redirection from staff.” The point has a big “NEW!” graphic beside it.

The “Response” will be swift with a “1 day OSS,” which means “Out of School Suspension” for students who don’t wear masks.

Students will have the ability to return to school the next day should they choose to comply.

Of course, Brabrand isn’t alone in his insubordination. According to The Hill, an analysis by The Washington Post found that 53% of Virginia’s public school districts have disobeyed Youngkin’s order. Moreover, those districts comprise 67% of the state’s public school student population.

Currently 34 states don’t have school masks mandates. Minnesota requires children to wear masks while riding on school buses, but not in school.