A school in Fairfax County is taking steps to curb all time high cellphone use rates during classes.

In an email to the Herndon High School community, Principal Liz Noto said that beginning this week, the school will “be implementing a schoolwide policy to stop cellphone and headphone use in all classes.” The announcement comes after what Noto said is an observation of cellphone use “at an all time high.”

Students can still use their phones between classes and during lunch, Noto said, and they are allowed in class for kids who need to monitor medical needs or for documented learning needs. The policy also allows teachers to allow up to a five minute phone break during class and could assign projects that could require phone use.

In the email, Noto asked teachers be as clear to students as possible with the new policy.

“It is our priority to engage you student in learning and this is a major step toward that goal,” Noto said. “Please help reiterate the importance of this new policy with your student.”

Hopefully, this new policy can successfully curb a unique problem that seems to be becoming more and more prevalent and phones get more and more accessible.