This morning’s Washington Post strays the line again:

Northam spokeswoman Ofirah Yheskel said the lieutenant governor is the “only person in the race that will keep Virginia inclusive and welcoming to new businesses.”

“It’s hard for voters to know what to believe from Ed Gillespie when, at every turn, he is caught talking out of both sides of his mouth on the issues that matter,” she said.

Four years ago, the chamber’s political arm endorsed all three Democrats running for statewide office, a first. The slate included Northam, then running for lieutenant governor. Corcoran said the PAC based its latest endorsement on the candidates’ voting records (if applicable), their performance in the chamber’s televised debate about a week ago, and their interviews. There were no written surveys.

Northam, a moderate as a state senator, campaigned last year against an unsuccessful effort to enshrine the state’s right-to-work laws in the Virginia Constitution. He moved left on some business issues during a hard-fought primary, coming out for a $15 minimum wage. He is running with enormous support from labor unions.

So what’s going on here?  The Washington Post article is simply carrying water, trying to defuse the NOVA Chamber’s endorsement which centered around Northam’s testy exchange behind closed doors regarding whether or not he would indeed protect Virginia’s right to work laws.

HB2?  No one cares.

…and yet the Northam campaign, who is struggling to find a voice, dropping like a rock in statewide polls, is obsessed with “fake news” (but not Media Matters, Daily Kos, or friendly article from the MSM), is abandoning House of Delegates candidates in droves, recently saw a defection from Middlesex County’s sheriff, had a local unit committee chairman resign in anger over lack of support from the Northam campaign, is seeing top-level DPVA field staffers complain about the lackluster effort, and now has to absorb the loss of confidence from the Northern Virginia business community?

Gillespie won the NOVA Chamber endorsement because he is running a disciplined, focused campaign looking to create good-paying jobs and boost Virginia’s economic potential.

That’s it.

Muddying the waters after another week of bad news doesn’t make the embattled Northam campaign one iota better.