NBC News reports that the Democratic National Committee has finally thrown up the red flag, sending in several key staffers and $1.5 million dollars in order to shore up a floundering Northam campaign:

It’s a significant financial and personnel investment for a national party that has underperformed in fundraising expectations and a reflection of the importance of this year’s elections in Virginia, where Democrats are also hoping to make gains in the House of Delegates and hold onto state-wide offices.

. . .

In addition to doubling the number of paid field organizers in the state, the money will be used to beef up the party’s operations in the state, including training, digital and tech.

Short version: DNC is treating the Northam campaign as a four-alarm fire at the moment.

Let’s review how bad things really are for the Democrats, shall we?

  • Gillespie’s fundraising apparatus is seriously outpacing Northam’s at this moment,
  • Vogel’s fundraising numbers are crushing Fairfax’s numbers for the LG contest,
  • Adams is considerably pulling his own weight while Herring’s four-year warchest is at risk of being raided to rescue the Democratic ticket,
  • House Republicans have $4.5 mil COH vs. House Democrats at $1.5mil — effectively putting a House of Delegates flip beyond reach,
  • RGA’s “A Stronger Virginia PAC” has put $8mil into its coffers in 2017,
  • RGA has put in an additional $3 million in direct contributions to Gillespie’s race,
  • Most notably, Gillespie closed an 8pt gap in as little as a month (or has managed to confirm that this is indeed a horse race, despite the Democratic narrative),
  • The divisions between Virginia’s progressives and liberals within the Democratic Party are visceral to the point of irreconcilable — BernieBros vs. I’m With Her.

If you’re a betting man?  It’s time to throw down some cash and make some easy money.


  1. Northam is a baby killer and we don’t need anymore crooked democrats in office. McAuliffe was enough!!!!

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