dominion energy

Interesting op-ed in today’s Richmond Times-Dispatch regarding recent investments in renewable energy and how that is providing the backbone for some pretty neat results in Henrico County:

This past August, Facebook opened a $1.75 billion data center in Henrico — a decision influenced by our region’s superior access to renewable energy sources. Years prior to the opening, while still in the facility development phase, Facebook partnered with Dominion Energy to power its Henrico data center using renewable energy and made a commitment to reach net zero emissions across their value chain by 2030.

But Facebook, which plans to support more than 200 jobs at its Henrico data center, is just one of the industry leaders that have recognized Henrico as an unbeatable location for innovative companies that want to expand their operations and bolster their business by investing in renewable energy.

Anthony Romanello with the Henrico Economic Development Commission is outlining a whole litany of renewable energy investments that are not only providing results, but they are creating jobs in sectors that were unavailable or unimaginable to Henrico just 10 years ago:

The rising demand for renewable energy that is powering Henrico’s economic surge is just in its beginning stages. In order to satisfy mounting consumer expectations and reach sustainability goals for the success of their business and the good of the planet, companies are looking for new ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately for them, numerous clean energy projects currently are underway in Virginia.

Make what you will of renewable energy, but the ability to turn places like Henrico into Texas is undeniably tangible and real.