When Donald Trump won the primary in Virginia in 2016, I left the Republican Party. I had issues with Republican Party of Virginia, but mainly I had issues with Donald Trump – an existentialist in the Nietzsche vein – representing the Republican philosophy as candidate for President of the United States.

I still have problems with the existentialism of Donald Trump, but I recognize that Nietzschean “Will to Power” was surprisingly restrained when he had every opportunity to seize national control of state protocols during the pandemic, but didn’t. There’s been a lot of things Donald Trump has surprised me on – some good, some bad.

But this election is no longer about Donald Trump, despite every message his opponents are sending. This election is now about Joe Biden.

I was rather looking forward to an entertaining presidential election cycle between two bumbling gaffe machines trying childishly to say how good they are and how bad the other guy is. The first debate went exactly as I expected it to go.

I figured that whoever won would ultimately be inconsequential to my daily life, quagmired in fighting with a gridlocked congress, maybe raising or lowering taxes at some point, but not able to do anything about the moral trajectory of our country.

Then the Hunter Biden laptop story broke.

As I am with most news stories, I was entirely skeptical of the whole thing. It just sounded weird. I know I could recreate emails that appear to be from someone to another person. I know I could photoshop images to alter someone’s appearance. I didn’t dismiss the story outright, but I didn’t believe it outright either.

Then neither the Biden campaign nor the family sued Rudy Giuliani or the New York Post.

Then Twitter and Facebook actively suppressed a news article from a major news publication that referenced primary source material with named sources (rather than hearsay from an anonymous source). And their reasons for doing so made no sense.

Then it was given to the FBI, who (I know from recent personal experience) can disprove fake digital content easily and quickly. They did not.

Then more pictures and emails started coming. And the Bidens didn’t sue. And the news suppression continued. And more people verified its authenticity.

Then a material witness and partner of Hunter Biden testified on camera to the entire nation that everything that was being said was absolutely true.

I can’t recall a more corroborated and verified piece of evidence presented to the public about a presidential scandal. And yet it continues to get suppressed, classified as Russian disinformation, or (even more ignorantly) someone acknowledges that there is no sentence directly implicating Joe Biden by name – as if their standards for journalistic proof require Hunter to tell his business partners, “Hey, I know my dad, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. is the Vice President and he said he’s not involved in these business dealings, but totally is, said we couldn’t use his name any more.”

But what does the evidence actually say? What story does it tell? First, it tells the sad story of a deeply dysfunctional family that needs prayer – prayer that they would repent, and prayer they would be redeemed.

But consequentially, it shows that the Vice President was actively involved in private business dealings with foreign governments in ways that violate FARA regulations, at the very least. Probably much worse. The basic scheme was:

  • introduce potential foreign partners with an opportunity;
  • secure an interest-free, forgivable loan from the foreign business;
  • use that loan as a minority equity stake in the foreign company
  • help the foreign business purchase or invest in American assets
  • rake in millions from the investment income
  • The Vice President could use his influence at any step in this process.

In at least one instance, we have a Chinese Communist Party military company purchasing a Detroit auto/tech manufacturer, brokered and celebrated by the Bidens.

This is a major problem. These loans are “interest-free” and “forgiveable”, but are they really? What’s being communicated outside the loan documents? With illegal activity and secrecy already surrounding these business deals, every signature Hunter Biden puts on a seemingly benign loan document, and every penny of investment income, is essentially a bribe. And the problem with taking a bribe is the one being bribed never has the advantage in the relationship.

It’s a well-known fact, undisputed by anyone serious, that the Chinese government use intelligence tactics made famous in the Soviet Union called “Kompromat”. They do so on a massive scale through data scraping and storing public and semi-public information in massive databases. Zhenhua Data had information on over 2 million people from all over the world, consolidating and coordinating all this data into micro-dossiers on every person. But that, believe it or not, is not the scariest part.

It’s also well-known that the Kompromat uses much more effective, and customized, tactics with high-value targets. Getting these targets entangled in financial crimes is absolutely one of these effective methods. That money, that bribe, that secrecy, that illegality, is constantly held over the head of the bribee by the briber. You can’t get out of it, and are completely at the mercy of the briber, whether for fear of exposure or for fear of a dried-up revenue stream.

Joe and Hunter Biden’s business dealings with China, Ukraine, and others are textbook cases of that.

Another effective method of the Kompromat is the art of moral blackmail: seduce your target into a morally reprehensible and highly illegal situation, and get photographic evidence of that situation. The Chinese government knows that Hunter Biden is in this situation – multiple times.

But the Chinese government’s target is not Hunter Biden. They don’t care about him at all. The Chinese government’s target is a powerful US politician who loves his son very much, and would probably do anything to keep him out of jail or a damaged reputation.

The evidence on the very-real laptop shows that Joe Biden is compromised on multiple, multiple fronts by a very dangerous government. China is dangerous to our global economic importance, yes, but more importantly, they are dangerous to humanity. Their ongoing human rights violations with the Uighurs alone should make every nation in the world condemn them.

But China is also a country that actively persecutes Christians, and no Christian should vote for a candidate for president who is bound and controlled by a government that persecutes our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I don’t like political hyperbole. I cringe when I hear both major parties yell that “this is the most important election of our lifetime!” I consciously try to avoid political hyperbole, even to the point of ditching politics altogether. I got out of political writings after the election of Donald Trump; after many years of original political analysis, working on a presidential campaign, and working under both Governor McDonnell and Governor McAuliffe running two statewide programs. I know how politics and government works.

I’m also a Marine with over a decade of active service, an elder in my Presbyterian church, attending seminary to get an MDiv, a husband, and a father. I would prefer to keep my introverted mouth shut.

But never has there been so much damning evidence—corroborated by material witnesses—that a candidate for President is so compromised and corrupted by a foreign government that opposes every part of the United States Constitution, as well as my faith (and probably yours, too).

This election is no longer about Donald Trump. It’s about Joe Biden.