A new Gallup poll finds Americans’ satisfaction with the nation’s health care system, which had been steadily rising until 2010, has sunk to record lows over the last 12 years under Obamacare.

“For the first time in Gallup’s two-decade trend, less than half of Americans are complimentary about the quality of U.S. healthcare, with 48% rating it ‘excellent’ or ‘good,’” Gallup reports.

Despite President Barack Obama’s claims that expanding Medicaid and Medicare coverage and forcing insurers to cover pre-existing medical conditions would make health care more effective and affordable, for the first time ever a majority of Americans believe the system doesn’t work.

“The slight majority now rate healthcare quality as subpar, including 31 percent saying it is ‘only fair’ and 21 percent — a new high — calling it ‘poor,’” Gallup notes.

Gallup began asking Americans for their views of the U.S. health care system in 2001. At that time, 53 percent of Americans rated the nation’s health care system as “excellent” or “good,” 34 percent rated it “only fair” and just 12 percent called it poor.”

By 2010, when Obamacare became effective amid claims the nation’s health care system was in shambles, the share of Americans calling U.S. health care “excellent” or “good” had risen to a record 62 percent, with those calling it “only fair” dropping to 26 percent and “poor” declining to 11 percent.

That rise in approval, which increased steadily between 2001 and 2010, almost immediately began declining under Obamacare, reaching record lows in 2022.

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