Yesli Vega, a Hispanic and newly elected Republican nominee says the Democrats have “lost touch” with voters seeking change, and that Hispanic voters are “frightened” by the direction America is taking under their control.

Following a close primary election, Vega was elected to represent Virginia’s 7th Congressional District against longtime democratic representative Abigail Spanberger. Following her win, she spoke with Fox News Digital about her mission heading into the general election and why she believes Hispanics are beginning to side with some ideas being offered by Republican candidates in several races across the country.

“You have a Democrat Party that has completely lost touch with the Hispanic community,” Vega said. “The Hispanic community is a community that has showed time again how resilient they are. “They are hard workers and many have fled their native countries to come here to America to seek better opportunities not just for themselves, but for their children, for their families. Some folks have escaped socialism.”

Vega warned against proponents of socialism — like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. — saying it’s “eye-opening” to speak with individuals who have yet to understand certain problems taking place in countries like Nicaragua, a place Vega said is now operated by a dictator.

“This is something that the Hispanic community overwhelmingly rejects,” she said. “And look at our communities and how crime is skyrocketing.”

Describing Hispanics, Vega said, “We are naturally folks that believe in conservative principles, and it’s now or never.

“We’re not just a group that cares about immigration,” she added. “We care about education, we care about the safety of our communities, we care about jobs, the cost of living. And we certainly care about ensuring that America continues to be the America that they know and love.”

In the November general election, Vega, will face off against incumbent Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., who has represented the state’s 7th District in Congress since 2019. Vega said Spanberger is not only “aligned with Biden,” but she has “been right there holding Nancy Pelosi’s hand” as certain controversial measures made it through the House.

“I’m a facts and data-driven person and, at the end of the day, Abigail Spanberger can say she is all things and use flowery language and think she’s going to continue to fool voters in the 7th District, but people aren’t buying it,” Vega said. “People in her own party aren’t buying it, and they’re tired of her failed leadership.”

While working as chairwomen for now Governor Youngkin campaign’s Latino outreach program, Vega suggested she, as a Republican, was able to gain new ground with the Hispanic community. By reaching out to the community that as been ignored by democrats, and has been larging losing favor with them, Vega seems primed to usher in a new wave for red in Virginia.