Of course, Virginia Healthcare and Hospitals Association (VHHA) didn’t run this poll just to butter up Governor Glenn Youngkin’s poll numbers, but it would appear as if Democratic efforts to derail the honeymoon have fallen miserably off the mark.

Youngkin at present is enjoying a whopping 12-point favorability gap, with 51.8% of Virginians approving of the job he is doing as governor and only 39.4% disapproving.  In stark contrast, President Joe Biden continues to languish in Virginia with 45% approval ratings with 54% of Virginians disapproving of his performance thus far.

When pressed on the question of education, Virginia voters are rewarding Youngkin with a 50-40 approval rating, as issues such as mask mandates and Critical Race Theory (CRT) continue to haunt Virginia Democrats chances in 2022 and beyond.

More on what VHHA actually wanted to talk about:

New poll results show that nine out of 10 voters (91 percent) back a plan to have state officials share more information with the public about health insurance profits and finances, and two-thirds (66 percent) support elimination of a state policy that financially penalizes doctors and hospitals for providing emergency care to Medicaid patients. Strong majorities of Virginia voters (86 percent) also support state funding to address health care workforce shortages, and 66 percent favor public investments to fund innovative pilot programs and alternative care models to enhance behavioral health care treatment services available to Virginians.

The poll of 400 likely Virginia voters was conducted March 1-2, 2022 and featured live landline and cell phone interviews, and text-to-web contacts with Virginians from all regions of the state representing a wide array of ethnic, gender, age, and political diversity reflecting the demographics of the Commonwealth.