Amid the crisis that parents are facing with the nationwide shortage of baby formula, a new report shows that the Biden administration may have known this was coming since last year.

According to the Daily Wire, Biden’s top official at the Department of Health and Human Services appeared to contradict Biden’s statement that his administration could have been better prepared for the national baby formula shortage if they had been better “mind-readers”, claiming that his department and the Food and Drug Administration had known about the issue since last year.

CNN asked HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra if he was “satisfied” with the government’s response to the issue. The HHS chief affirmed that the administration was moving with urgency and has been since “last year.” Becerra made it sound as though the Biden administration knew that this was going to be a problem longer than the president had recently implied.

“From everything I’ve known, the FDA has kept me apprised of this from last year,” he responded on Monday. “We have been moving as quickly as we can.”

“Joe Biden has now fully proven he is not only America Last but also Family Last,” American Principles Project President Terry Schilling told the Daily Wire in a statement. “At nearly every turn, his administration has actively undermined the interests of families. On education, for example, their focus has long been on woke indoctrination rather than real improvement — and when parents complained, the feds outrageously targeted them as ‘domestic terrorists,’” Schilling claimed.

The president of the pro-family think tank added that Biden’s failed response to the crisis is typical from the Left.

“So it should come as no surprise that Biden and Democrats failed to take seriously the risk of a baby formula shortage,” Schilling said.

Lacking any federal support in Virginia, Governor Youngkin is also looking into the situation, issuing a statement, ensuring that he is working with authorities to get resources into the hands of parents as soon as possible. “My administration remains engaged with industry leaders on their production capabilities, and the Virginia Department of Heath is working to ensure that there are adequate supplies of baby formula statewide. Additionally, my administration has asked the FDA to utilize all resources to get the U.S. plant back into production as quickly as possible. Simply put, acquiring baby formula shouldn’t be a challenge in the United States” (RELATED: Youngkin Addresses The Baby Formula Shortage; ‘shouldn’t be a challenge’ in US)