Republican Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin continues to build on his promises to execute the Day One Plan as he tours Virginia with announced members of his new cabinet.

Much of this is good news, as Youngkin’s selections come from over 5,000 applicants for various posts in Virginia’s new government, all of whom have had to go through one of the more rigorous and corporate-style vetting sessions in recent memory when it comes to political appointees.

The result?  Serious-minded men and women free from the contagion (or relationships) of Virginia politics, per WHSV:

So far, he has picked his Secretary of Finance, Stephen Emery Cummings; Secretary of Education, Aimee Rogstad Guidera; and Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Caren Merrick.

Youngkin tells WHSV that all of his picks will help deliver on his Day One Gameplan.

“We’re going to go to work on January 15 to make sure we get the cost of living down, our schools are delivering for our children and our communities are safe, and the economy is roaring,” Youngkin said. “Everybody that we’re appointing is going to satisfy those objectives.”

While the Day One Plan focused on many areas easily achieved by a friendly Virginia General Assembly, the focus on building a 21st century education system focused on entrerpeneurship and small business development isn’t merely lip service, but rather a core focus of the incoming administration and a high priority for Youngkin:

“We’re going to make sure we’re raising standards of excellence in schools. They’ve been watered down over the last eight years,” Youngkin said. “We’re going to reestablish high standards, but also provide support for students who need it in order to meet those expectations.”

Though not explicitly mentioned, the imposition of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and gender ideology in public education classrooms remains a thorn in the side of many suburban moderates and rural conservatives alike.

Youngkin and Miyares will be able to work on some of the more unconstitutional and openly prejudicial aspects of both in the coming weeks, yet other aspects — specifically the inclusion of equity standards as code for CRT in Virginia government and public education — will require the co-operation of a Virginia Senate still firmly in the hands of Democrats who have been pounded, and some might say quite eager to ditch, by the electorate for their embrace of the lunatic fringe.

The brass ring is and will remain Youngkin’s commitment to both charter schools and student vouchers through a Virginia version of the HOPE Scholarship, which will potentially require a repeal of the KKK-inspired Blaine Amendment in Virginia.

The new Republican-led administration will be inaugurated on 15 January in Richmond.


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