Governor Glen Youngkin is looking to take his influence to a national audience with the creation of two new political groups.

These new groups, Sprit of Virginia, a political action committee, and America’s Spirit, a nonprofit advocacy group, will allow him to help fellow Republicans in gubernatorial races across the country. It will also help him assist in flipping the two House Democrats from Virginia who are high on the GOP’s target list in November’s midterm elections.

Kristin Davison, a senior adviser for Youngkin’s political operation, said the new groups will build on Youngkin’s campaign themes:

“Looking to 2022, Gov. Youngkin will continue to grow that movement and help other candidates win, especially those that will turn blue states red, just as he did in Virginia last year.”

The Spirit of Virginia has already started work in helping promote his agenda, running a TV ad to help get his current budget, a hotly contested issue in Virginia.

While there is no indication yet on which campaigns Youngkin plans to assist across the country, many speculate that this step onto the national scale may hint at Youngkin’s larger political ambitions. Virginia governors are restricted from serving consecutive term, so some pundits started looking at Youngkin as a possible 2024 GOP presidential contender. He was even invited to a political event in New Hampshire, the state that for a century has held the first primary in the White House race.

While Youngkin and his political team have downplayed such talk, these big moves on the national stage would set him up perfectly for a much larger political play. Ultimately, those are long term plans, while the shorter term ones will likely be seen soon as the November elections continue to get closer.