From the New York Times:

“As Democrats Lay Into Trump, Cuomo Takes a Different Tack”: “Nearly as soon as Mr. Trump was elected, Mr. Cuomo began dancing around invoking the president’s name on the stump, skirting attacks in print and sidestepping reporters’ questions about the president. As the Democratic Party’s watchword in 2017 has become “resist,” Mr. Cuomo, who has garnered attention as a possible presidential candidate in 2020, has instead opted to coexist. ‘As a general rule, I haven’t found nasty ad hominem attacks on a person whose cooperation is needed to help your state especially helpful,’ Mr. Cuomo said in a statement to The New York Times.

Northam has already been sharply criticized from many in the mental health community for labeling Trump a “narcissist” in the past.

Nevermind the precarious medical ethics of such a comment in the heat of the Democratic primary season.  Narcissism typically isn’t helpful when describing leaders in Washington… in a schoolyard shouting match, perhaps.

Not among adults.  If NY Governor Cuomo can spot the difference, surely Northam can do a better job moving forward.