Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Dominion Rushes Over 700 Employees To Florida

Great news from Richmond as Dominion Energy responds to the devastation in Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Braunlich: Ending DACA Will Harm Virginia, U.S. Economy

Ending the lawless executive order from the Obama era was going to be a tough call when 700,000 effective hostages were held in limbo.

Goodlatte, Comstock Leading The Fight Against MS-13 Gangs

The bill bars criminal alien gang members from receiving immigration benefits such as asylum, juvenile status, and temporary protected status.

WaPo: Gillespie Supports Move To Let Congress Determine DACA

Norham's juggling act is whether he supports a resumption of "regular order" rather than extralegal overreach and judicial activism.

Vogel Puts Principle Over Party; Democratic Rival Preaches “A Second Revolution”

In stark contrast to Republican Jill Vogel's calm and principled demeanor, Democrat Justin Fairfax’s extremism makes him a potential liability to Northam.

Port of Virginia Takes On Another Monster Container Ship

More good news as the largest shipping vessel ever to call on the Eastern seaboard docks at the Port of Virginia this week.

Americans For Prosperity UNLOADS With Seven Figure Ad Buy

AFP announced a seven-figure ad buy to support its multi-million-dollar effort urging Virginians to vote against Ralph Northam in the race for governor.

Ordinary Men; Extraordinary Choices

Two albatrosses continue to hang around Northam's neck at the moment: Antifa and the pipeline. Gillespie's law and order emphasis produces results.

Rep. Scott Taylor Embraces His Conservative Edge; Key Figure Among Trump Advisors

At just 38, Scott Taylor is the kind of Republican candidate and office-holder that the new Republican Party is embracing.

Ramadan Renews The Call For Reform At UVA

Former Delegate David Ramadan is showing no signs of disappearing from the public square as he renews the call for reform at the University of Virginia.