Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Democrat Guzman Believes She Violated The Law Three Times; Attacks Lingamfelter

Two-time PWC bankruptcy champion and Democrat Elizabeth Guzman's campaign calls for an investigation of... itself?

FBI Investigating Pipe Bomb Found At Civil War Reenactment

Union and Confederate re-enactors fought as planned despite Antifa making good on their threats of violence... or nearly.

Is Affordable Energy The Reason Why Richmond Might Land Amazon?

...if you had any question as to why cheap, affordable (and clean) energy was such an important part of the equation?

Democratic Polling Firm Ties Gillespie and Northam?

The numbers from this Democratic polling firm match conventional wisdom. How they were arrived at remains a bit of a mystery.

Coalfield Progress: Dominion Receives Warm Welcome in Southwest Virginia

Dominion Energy gets a warm welcome in Tazewell County, Virginia -- demonstrating once again that Virginia's energy backbone matters.

BREAKING: JLARC Passes Resolution To Investigate Office of the Attorney General

Democratic AG Mark Herring finds himself on the wrong side of an audit, while Adams continues to run a campaign that could only be termed as heroic.

Washington Post: Gillespie Beat Northam Like A Rented Mule

In a debate where the media has now universally panned the contest of ideas as 3-0 to Gillespie?  Northam's low-energy performance might be the last straw.

The Moment Gillespie KO’d Ralph Northam

Northam literally looked down at the camera the entire night, sounding put-off and as if there was someplace else he would rather be...

Democrat Guzman Unleashes Nasty Campaign Slick Against Lingamfelter

Another bankrupt idea, we suppose. 

When You Underpoll Trump By 13 Points, You Magically Get Northam +13

The Washington Post has finally given up on the pretense of objectivity at this rate. With poll numbers that shock even the most jaded politicos in...