Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Democrat Guzman Unleashes Nasty Campaign Slick Against Lingamfelter

Another bankrupt idea, we suppose. 

When You Underpoll Trump By 13 Points, You Magically Get Northam +13

The Washington Post has finally given up on the pretense of objectivity at this rate. With poll numbers that shock even the most jaded politicos in...

Northam Cracks Under Pressure; Now Willing To Work For “Narcissistic Maniac” Trump

We've gone from narcissistic maniac to "I will work with him" in just five short months, folks. 

Fitzgibbons: NFL Players Should Walk Mile In The Shoes of Police Officers…

“There's something you should know about police officers. They know what people are capable of in ways that most, thankfully, do not."

Coalfields To Receive $576 Million In Economic Benefits Thru Dominion

Over 2,000 new jobs and $7 million in local tax revenue for schools and deputies sounds like a good deal. 

WaPo: Gillespie Financial Position Better Than Appears

The rest is just pure propaganda cloaked in the form of journalism.

Crowder Goes Undercover With Antifa

Antifa activists get arrested in Utah planning violence to counter-protest conservatives attending a Ben Shapiro presentation... but does the media care?

Democrat Justin Fairfax Sides With NFL Kneelers

Fairfax's actions disrespects our flag, disrupts our anthem, dishonors those who fought for our country, and makes first responders less safe.

BREAKING: Gillespie Wins Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Endorsement

Northern Virginia's business community followed up on Gillespie's outstanding performance with the best possible choice for Virginia's economy...

Northam Defections Are Up As Middlesex Sheriff Endorses Gillespie

The 64th sheriff to endorse Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie today sends further shockwaves into an already troubled Northam campaign effort.