Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Youngkin is Running for Vice-President (But Could We Please Do Something First?)

...and you don't have to be Nostradamus to figure out why -- and for whom. …although you might have to be Russell Kirk: Men cannot improve...

SCC Oversight Returned, But Lower Electric Bills Unlikely

Promises of an immediate drop of $6-7 a month for ratepayers are already being tempered by the Youngkin administration, writes Haner.

Pro-Life Activist Plans To Sue Biden Admin For Harassment

A pro-life activist acquitted by a Philadelphia jury on charges of allegedly obstructing an abortion center says he plans to sue the...

TRS Sunday Post: China Isn’t the Only One with a Burst Balloon

School choice, abortion, critical race theory, education reform -- all put on the backburner as Youngkin pushes for $1 billion in tax relief. So we...

POLL: Biden Losing Support Among 2020 Supporters

President Joe Biden’s plans to run for reelection have hit a major snag, as a new poll shows nearly half of his own voters...

CORTEZ: Character, Not Equity, Should Be the Measure of Merit

Conversation and education are the only measures that can prevail against pandering and discrimination, writes Daniel Cortez.

SEARS: Education Success Accounts Can Be Lifelines To Help Parents Succeed

“The first step in solving a problem is recognizing that it exists.” -- Zig Ziglar. Education provides a hope and a future. Education has been...

Contentious, But Not Decisive?

This year's Virginia General Assembly is set to give off a great deal of heat, but little light -- and for the worst reasons possible.
dominion energy

HANER: Complex Energy Bill Will Raise Costs to Customers

The Virginia General Assembly may be captured by fights over abortion and taxes, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner, but the deepest reach into your pockets will involve your energy bills.

General Patton’s WWII Christmas Card May Be One of History’s Best

At a critical juncture in the Battle of the Bulge, General George S. Patton’s Third Army became bogged down in its drive to relieve the...