Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Virginia Congressman Celebrates Pause of Federal Government ‘Disinformation Board’

A U.S. congressman from Virginia Wednesday celebrated the pause of the creation of a federal government “Disinformation Governance Board,” which was marred by controversy...

Virginia Church Set On Fire Following Abortion Ruling

A church in Reston, Virginia was recently vandalized and set on fire in what police believe to be a protest of the supreme court's...

Youngkin Congratulates Virginia Tech Company for Expansion

Virongy Biosciences, Inc., which develops anti-viral drugs and viral diagnostics, is expanding after recently relocating to the newly opened Northern Virginia Bioscience Center in...

Manchin Supports Raising Age Limit on Guns, Open to Assault Weapons Ban

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) told reporters Monday that he supports raising the age for buying semi-automatic rifles and is open to an assault weapons ban. Commenting on...

Obama Administration Skirted Lines To Allow Iran Access To U.S. Financial System

Senate Republicans have launched an investigation into the inner workings of Obama's landmark Iran Nuclear Deal, and have found that the terrorist state had access to the U.S. financial system.

Roy Moore Loss Foreshadows 2018 In Virginia

A controversial and firebrand populist will not win statewide in Virginia, writes Millennial Ascent.

Kiggans Receives More Support as Sears Endorses She Fight For VA-02

Jen Kiggans, the republican challenger for Virginia's 2nd Congressional District, has gained some serious momentum as she has received ringing endorsements from some of...

HAYMORE: Energy Improvements Critical To Virginia Economy

Our antiquated one-way transmission lines require an upgrade in an era of solar panels, rechargeable vehicles, and hardening against electromagnetic threat.

Sears Threatens Fines for any More Delays of State Budget

The Virginia State budget is currently one of the most hotly contested pieces of Virginia legislation, and as the deadline looms closer, Lt. Governor...

McAuliffe Goes After Black Reporter for ‘Racist’ Question About Critical Race Theory

Terry McAuliffe didn't hide how he felt when lecturing an African American news anchor over concerns about critical race theory.