Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Wall Street Anticipating Huge Second Quarter GDP Report, Ending Big Trading Week

Ending a big trading week on Wall Street, investors are anticipating great news from the Q2 GDP report, the economic scorecard for the U.S.

Ask Delegate Lopez About His Day

Kudos to Lopez for standing firm for the rule of law and deporting illegal immigrants caught by ICE... albeit for a paycheck. 

Virginia Set To Ban Cellphone Use While Driving

In Virginia, it is unlawful for minors and school bus drivers to talk on a cellphone while driving, but two bills in the General Assembly would apply the measure to all drivers.

Environmental Attorneys Going After Federal Permits To Stop Pipeline Construction

The environmentalists are at it again - now working to be granted the judgement that halts construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline completely.

MGM Resorts International Suing Victims Of Las Vegas Shooting Under 9/11-Derived Anti-Terrorism Law

The survivors and families of victims slain in the mass shooting last year in Las Vegas are now being hit with a lawsuit from MGM, the owner of the Mandalay Bay casino-resort under a never-used anti-terrorism law.

Miyares Reverses Democratic Policy on Deadbeat Dads

Bottom line?  Children should never have to go without because deadbeat parents refuse to live up to their responsibilities.

Delegates Garrett, Byron Propose Ban on Taxpayer Funding of Abortion in Virginia

The one-two legislative strategy by Delegates Scott Garrett and Kathy Byron would prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion providers in this year's budget and begin working towards prohibiting it in Virginia's constitution. The move comes as Governor Northam and Democratic lawmakers proposed a sweeping repeal of abortion restrictions, including on late term abortions in the third trimester.

Richmond’s ‘Day Of Mourning’ To Show Solidarity Against Gov. Northam’s ‘Infanticide’ Comments

After 4,000 were present at the event in Albany, New York, just weeks ago, thousands are expected to be in attendance in Richmond, Virginia, to “stand in solidarity with the unborn and mourn over the sin of abortion.”

Gilmore Applauds Virginia ABC Russian Vodka Ban From Shelves

Several sub-par alcohols no one really drinks are going away.

McGuire Helps Goochland Drive-in; Thwarts $100mil Federal Fund Loss

The story of how Delegate John McGuire helped a Goochland drive-in theater get a highway sign and thwarted Virginia's $100 million loss of federal funds.