Saturday, March 25, 2023

The 17th Anniversary Of 9/11: When One Believed And Sacrificed To Save Countless Souls

"Just Do It." v. "Lets Roll!" The sentiment within American advertising has taken a role of being punchy, provocative, even polemical. However, sometimes there are the moments that lead to action without thought, service with no choice, an answer with no call, creating a memory that lives through the ages spurred by an ultimate sacrifice. 

LINGAMFELTER: Trump’s Productive Disruption

A bias for action -- we'll take that.

WaPo: Racist LVF Northam Ad Backfires In Private Memo

No word on whether or not Northam will either repudiate the ad or return the $16,000 in donations his campaign received from LVF PAC.

Virginia Senate Passes Bill Requiring Photo For Voter ID

Virginia Senate passed legislation this week with a 21-19 vote down party lines to require photo for voter ID at the ballot box.

Washington Post Author Urges Youngkin for President

It seems that more and more people are seeing what Governor Youngkin can do as a new column from the Washington Post is urging...

1,200 State Regulations Identified For Elimination, Speaker Kirk Cox Announces

In the 2019 General Assembly session, the Republican majority will begin to lessen the burden on citizens and provide for a better working Commonwealth. 

New Poll Shows Dem Leads in Down-Ballot Races Virtually Nonexistent

Four earlier polls this week have all shown the same thing: a neck and neck race between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin. One...

State Senator Petersen Explains His Opposition to Washington Commanders Stadium Deal

In an appearance on 106.7 The Fan, State Senator Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax City) expanded comments on his opposition to a Washington Commanders stadium authority bill....

Could A Single-Payer Healthcare System Work In America?

Progressive politicians and activists argue that a single-payer healthcare system can give Americans the care they need. However, as people argue the economic ramifications of such implementation, many forget the chilling end to the program - people as property of the state.

Sears Calls out Biden, “‘Stop Gaslighting’ Americans”

Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears is blaming Biden for leaving the American people hanging on gas prices. Sears recently sat down with Fox News Digital for...