Friday, December 8, 2023

Militarization Of South China Sea Seeks To Challenge American Predominance

As China's military expansion into the South China Sea continues, thoughts of a potential shift in global geopolitical balance come to mind as its challenge to American predominance mirrors the Cold War ending with a Soviet whimper.

Lee County School District Still Pushing To Arm Teachers Amid Lack Of Security Funding

Lee County's concerns and possible legal challenges of being the state's first district to vote to arm teachers may rise to one of the Commonwealth's most talked about issues in 2019.

Quinnipiac: Northam By 14

Quinnipiac skews yet another poll by 13 points and discovers Northam doing 13 points better than he ought to be.

Spotsylvania School Board Battle Rages On

RICHMOND, Virginia – The Virginia Board of Education postponed certifying Greene County Administrator Mark Taylor for Spotsylvania County supervisor in its August 17 meeting after...

Obenshain Argues Deliberation Despite Northam’s Gun Control Games

WRVA's John Reid rightly calls Northam's political posturing as "bad form" -- and one simply cannot echo that sentiment enough.  

5,200 Military Troops Sent To Secure U.S.-Mexico Border

General Terrence O’Shaughnessy, commander of U.S. Northern Command, said at a Monday press conference when asked about the deployment of 5,200 military personnel, "That is just the start of this operation."

U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Appeal From Virginia GOP In Redistricting Case

Following weeks of impasses, mysterious "map makers," partisan power grabs, and motions to the Supreme Court, Virginia's redistricting case will now heard by the newly-cemented conservative high court.

Round 2: General Assembly Will Reconvene on 11 April For Healthcare

With House and Senate budget conferees miles apart on healthcare expansion, Governor Northam has called for a special session to hammer out the details.

Hurricane Florence To Bring Strong Winds And Heavy Rain To Much Of Virginia

Some areas of Virginia could see up to 20 inches of rain, leading to life-threatening conditions.

Reports: NOVA Cops Shielded Sex Trafficking Ring

Bombshell reports and a disturbing lawsuit allege that Fairfax County Police — including a former Chief Ed Roessler — shielded a sex trafficking ring...