Sunday, September 24, 2023

The Federal Court Ruling Against Dominion’s Pipeline Doesn’t Halt Construction

Dominion Energy says they will move forward with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline construction even after a federal court ruling has cited violation of the Endangered Species Act.

Virginia Police Shootout Ends Tragically

A high-speed chase between Virginia law enforcement officers and a Culpeper man ended in tragedy. Jeremy Yates, 21, of Culpeper, died when his 2018 Chevrolet...

May Jobs Report Shows More Records Broken, Booming Economy

The American economy is strong as the jobs report beat economist's predictions as 223,000 jobs were added in May and unemployment is 3.8 percent.

US-Russian Relations Shouldn’t Be Further Imperiled By Media Sniping

Reuters and the AP asked a partisan question and got a partisan response, which gets the larger (and far more dangerous) narrative of the sorry state of US-Russian relations lost in the media shuffle.

Former Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine Announces 2024 Re-Election Bid

Hillary Clinton's former pick for Vice President revealed his own future electoral plans to reporters today. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine has announced that he will...

Gunman With Burglary Tools Arrested Near Brett Kavanaugh’s Home

Police have arrested an armed man with burglary tools in the immediate vicinity of Brett Kavanaugh’s home. A Supreme Court spokeswoman announced that officers apprehended the man at...

School Superintendents Push Back on Youngkin’s Education Report

School superintendents throughout the Commonwealth are pushing back against the Youngkin administration's interim report on divisive concepts being taught in public schools. Indeed, the Virginia...

Virginia Records 6.5 Percent Gain In Population Since 2010

Virginia has gained over half a million residents since 2010, coming in at 19th with state population increases over the last eight years.

Falwell Praises “Respectful, Not Angry” Protesters At Liberty University

The wake of the Politico story thumping Falwell Jr. seems to be more ripple than tidal wave.

Sonic Attack Triggers Alert From American Consulate In China

The US Embassy in China seems to be the victim of the same sort of sonar attack used on the US Embassy in Havana.