Saturday, December 9, 2023

GOP Lawmakers Leave Richmond With Successes In Job Creation, Workforce Preparation, And Tax Reform

Not only did the GOP eliminate frivolous state spending, they also provided pathways towards creating a 21st century workforce, investments in K-12 and higher education, secured Amazon's arrival in Arlington, and other pro-business programs in the 2019 legislative session. 

Long Knives Are Already Out Among VA-10 Democrats

 Democrat Delegate Kathleen Murphy can clearly be heard on the leaked tapes saying, "We’ll be fighting with each other ‘til we are dead."  

California Dreaming; Democratic Scheming in VA-10

Whether it's terrible Top Gun ads, parachuting in California Dems to run, or waffling on the primary -- 10th District Democrats just can't help themselves.

HANER: Time to Hold Firm on Tax Cuts

If there's any compromise to be had, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner, it is focusing tax cuts on individuals and not corporations.

Virginia Mom Looks To Use Hunter Biden’s Deal As Justification For Leniency

A Virginia mother charged with lying about her drug use when purchasing a handgun, which her six-year-old son took to school and used to...

Loudoun County School Board Changes Rules For Public Comment

Local school boards eager to push transgenderism and CRT are beginning to muzzle concerned parents at public hearings across Virginia.

Koch Brothers Announce $400 Million In Funding For Republicans

Koch brothers announce $400 million in funding for Republicans in congressional races to thwart a liberal-backed referendum on President Trump.

FOTIS: This Is What National Police Week Truly Stands For

Police Week is here! This dedicated week of reflection and honor allows us to commemorate the commitment and sacrifice of our brave...

Obama Rides To Northam’s Rescue With $500K Redistricting Pledge

Is there anything left for Northam to sell?

Video Shows Virginia Mall in Chaos After Broken Light Mistaken for Shots Fired

A broken light caused mass panic at a mall in Northern Virginia after the sound of the bulb shattering was mistaken for the sound...