Sunday, May 28, 2023

Del. Kelly Fowler: Legislation Doesn’t Match Campaign

Is real estate reform really the key issue facing Virginia?

Why Is The Virginia Dems Knife Fight Being Swept Under The Rug?

Republicans are preparing to elect Kirk Cox as Speaker of the House on opening day. In contrast, the Democrats can't manage to get through a caucus meeting.

Delegate Favola’s Comments Aren’t The Problem; The Vulgar Applause Is

"They're evil, we're the good guys." Favola's statement begs the question: Is this what Democrats really think of Republicans?

CNU Wason: Gillespie Narrows Lead; Poll Still Weird

Christopher Newport University's Wason Center has new numbers showing embattled Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam sliding in the polls.

Ghoulish Chris Hurst Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know He Is Actually a Democrat

Apart from advertising who paid for the mailer, Hurst would really prefer that you don't think of him as a Daily Kos endorsed Democrat.

Riggleman Unleashes New TV Ads Defending Families In VA-05

Riggleman is wasting no time taking the fight to the Democrats in Virginia's 5th District.

Donald Trump Jr. Says November Elections Are A Choice Between Law And Order And...

"Donald Trump and the Republican Party stand for law, order, and safety. The Democrats stand for lawlessness, disorder, and anarchy. The choice this November could not be more clear — the people will pick law and order," Donald Trump Jr. said in a rare op-ed.

Virginia’s Economic Development Programs Receive International Recognition

The International Economic Development Council gave the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development excellence awards for three of the department’s economic development programs: the...

Progressive Group Obtains Private Student Information From VCU, Radford And Virginia Tech

About 30,000 e-mail names were swiped by progressive group Next Gen, according to press reports.

INTERVIEW: Delegate Jason Miyares Discusses Opportunity With Republicanism

Delegate Jason Miyares (R-Virginia Beach) has had a busy ride into the world of politics. From becoming a young prosecutor in the Tidewater region,...