Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Virginia Congressman Introduces Election Reform Legislation Making It Harder to Cheat

Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) introduced election reform legislation last week, which he told Fox News will make it "easy to vote and hard to...

Prominent Virginia Democrat Lawyer Busted for Trafficking Teenage Girls

Erausquin, a regular donor to Virginia and national Democratic candidates since 2008, is a founding partner at Consumer Litigation Associates, a Virginia firm that specializes in suing the financial and credit-reporting industries.

Bitcoin Decline Could Be Beginning Of Road To $25,000

Fears of the Bitcoin bubble bursting are starting to arise amid an 18 percent drop in January. However, it may be the beginning of the road to $25,000

LINGAMFELTER: Resolution In Times Of Panic

The “quicksand” of fear will crush us if we let it.

Youngkin Still Pushing to Move Washington Commanders to Virginia

Despite the most recent setbacks, Governor Youngkin still has hope that the Washington Commanders will end up with their stadium in Virginia. Recently, the proposed...

Watch: Smug Comedians Reveal Why Dems Lost Virginia

In case you missed it, a condescending joke from the insular liberal bubble otherwise known as Manhattan recently explained why Democrats lost Virginia. The joke,...

Cook Political Report Moves Virginia To Toss-Up

Might be more of a Tilt D... but with McAuliffe at 2.8 in the aggregates and Democrats staying home? Gonna get interesting.

Democrat Dick Saslaw Discovers Uber; Wants To Tax It

Enter freshman Delegate Emily Brewer, who took to the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates to excoriate the septuagenarian Saslaw.  

American Reporter, Virginia Native Detained In Caracas As Maduro’s ‘Death Squads’ Control Venezuela

Cody Weddle, a 29-year-old Virginia native working as a freelance reporter in Caracas, Venezuela, has been detained by Nicolás Maduro's dictatorial regime for his coverage of opposition leader and interim president Juan Guaidó.

Rasmussen: Gillespie, Northam TIED at 45%

Gillepsie has shocked the nation with a campaign that -- according to the Washington Post and public policy centers -- should never have had a chance.