Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Republican’s Forgotten Babylon

Changing demographics combined with a hardening of Republican viewpoints put our nominees in a tough spot.

More Joe Biden Links to Hunter’s Shady Chinese Businesses, Dad Paid Son’s Legal Bills

The heat is rising on President Biden and his increasingly incredulous claims that he knew nothing of his son Hunter’s shady foreign business deals...

Not A Defeat; Just A Crystallization

Republicans didn't lose 2017 tonight; Republicans lost 2017 precisely one year ago when Donald Trump realigned the political map of the country. 

Why is Steve Bannon So Mad?

Steve Bannon left the White House last week the same way he entered it – with a series of bombastic threats toward those who...

Millions More For General Assembly Overhaul After Delays And Cost Overruns

The Virginia state government's replacement of the century-old General Assembly building has risen in projected cost by at least $24 million due to delays and other cost overruns.

Fairfax County School Employees Charged with Stealing More than 35,000 Laptops

According to the Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD), three men have been arrested and charged in connection with a scheme to steal and sell...

California Legislature Considers Free Speech-Killing Measure

California Democrats have shown the public that they are unabashedly intolerant of opposing view points with their new legislation to kill free speech.

Federal Investigators Are Looking for ‘Everything’ on Hunter Biden: CBS News

“Serious as a heart attack” – Now that the Hunter Biden laptop story has finally been confirmed by Big Media such as The New York Times...

Virginia Beach’s Elaine Luria Promises To Bolster Obamacare

The Democrat challenger to Congressman Scott Taylor (VA-2) says that Americans must "have reliable and affordable choices in healthcare." Considering that fact she believes in bolstering the faltering ACA, and is in a party that is working towards socialized healthcare insurance, it's quite precarious what she means by "reliable," and "affordable," and "choices" in healthcare.

Criminal Alien Gang Removal Act To Crackdown On MS-13

The Republican-led Criminal Alien Gang Removal Act (S.B. 2380) will help protect people from criminal gangs, especially the transnational MS-13 gang.