Friday, March 1, 2024

Talking About Failing Public Schools Is Uncomfortable; That Doesn’t Make It A False Dichotomy

Dichotomies aren't dismissed as false merely because they are uncomfortable to hear... between destroying monuments and funding schools, let's talk.

Arlington House Wiped Away In Firey Explosion After Police Stand Off

ARLINGTON, Va. – Dramatic video captured the moment a Virginia home exploded Monday evening after a suspect inside the residence had been...

Dominion Power Gets the Okay for Planned Offshore Wind Farm

Virginia is about to be home to one of the largest offshore wind farms on the east coast after regulators have given Dominion Power...
golan heights

Trump Signs Proclamation Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights

The U.S. recognition of an Israeli Golan Heights will see such a development as rivaling the significance of last year's relocation of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Higgins: Virginia’s Junk Poll Strikes Again

Roanoke's methodology is renown for being off-the-mark; the participation trophy of polling outfits.  Nice try... but bless their hearts.

Biden Politicizes Campus Tragedy, Youngkin Pays Respects

After the occurrence of a violent incident involving a firearm on the campus of the University of Virginia, President Biden again wasted no time...

Youngkin Rejects Ford Plant Due To Chinese Technology Ties

Governor Glenn Youngkin blocked Virginia from consideration for a battery plant to supply Ford Motor Company amid concerns about the technology supplied by a...

Op-Ed: While Americans Brave Hurricanes, Connolly Cannot Be Bothered For Veterans In The Rain

Democrat Gerry Connolly can't stop haranguing Trump about Hurricane Harvey, but he can dodge American Foreign Legion 176 on account of a little bit of rain.

API Announces Bipartisan Explore Offshore Coalition For Atlantic Coast Energy

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has announced the formation of the bipartisan "Explore Offshore" coalition, set to support access to offshore drilling in the Atlantic, and to expand the depth of America's energy resources.

Drug Overdose Deaths Rise Dramatically in Parts of State

Drug overdose deaths are surging in Central Virginia. In fact, they've spiked as much as 35% since the pandemic began. CBS 6 News reports: RICHMOND, Va. --...