Adams Kicks Off AG Race With Excellent First Ad


I have to say, this is a remarkably positive, sober, and case-making first ad from an Adams campaign that continues to impress — and quite the contrast from a shrill and panicked Herring campaign that knows it has screwed up.

So here is the major theme, and it’s not hard to figure this one out.  Mark Herring literally violated his oath of office — not once, but several times — in order to be an activist rather than Virginia’s Attorney General.

Adams is literally the anti-Herring.

This race is really going to come down to several themes:

  • I’d rather get a beer with Adams than Herring.
  • I’d rather have Adams watch my kids.
  • I’d rather watch a baseball game with Adams than Herring.
  • Adams would carry a conversation; Herring would provide that awkward silence.
  • Herring never blinks.  Adams is a human being.
  • Herring would force you to pay the tab; Adams would pick up the check.
  • Adams probably calls his mother once a week.
  • Adams eats his steak medium rare; Herring well done.
  • Herring probably eats his french fries with a knife and fork.
  • Herring would argue for hours over a Monopoly game; Adams would graciously let you win.

One could go on, but you get the point.  Herring has that creepiness factor that puts everyone on edge.  Adams is just an all-around great American.

Can’t beat that match-up.