Earlier this year Democrat Delegate Ibraheem Samirah sent the message that the “Virginia Way” was a thing of the past; politics in Virginia is now a bloodsport.

While the establishment GOP may have been slow to respond to the new rules, Red County Virginia has responded with an overwhelmingly powerful message.

The 2A Sanctuary movement has been the kick in the ass a complacent and tired GOP voting base needed and a formal acknowledgement that the genteel niceties of the past are no more.

Red County is ready to fight.

But this has to become a full-blown movement and not a single issue no matter how important that issue may be.  This momentum must be harnessed and channeled into a forceful political movement.

Ultimately all of our rights have been threatened and its time to push back against Governor Northam and the agenda he is forcing upon all of us.  The time is now to engage Gov. Northam and finally hold him accountable for all he has done and what he has become.

It is time for localities to censure Governor Ralph Northam.

It is time to censor Governor Northam in the swift yet methodical county by county march we have seen over the past 3 weeks.  Northam needs to be held accountable for his racist past.  He needs to be held accountable for his hypocrisy.  He needs to he held accountable for his shameless pandering.

Most importantly he needs to be held accountable for selling Virginia to billionaires from New York and California.

The Richmond establishment may forgive and embrace this man — but we cannot.

It is time he be censured by the people.

Eric Blair lives in Northern Virginia.