The White House via Wikimedia Commons

Fox News co-host Kayleigh McEnany had a powerful response after a revealing comment from the Biden administration.

In an appearance on CNN, White House economic adviser Brian Deese defended high gas prices and inflation as necessary to protect the “future of the liberal world order.”


Deese’s remarks followed a similar comment by Biden at this week’s NATO summit:


Meanwhile, McEnany — the last White House press secretary for the Trump administration — offered some salient advice for Team Biden, as Fox News’ transcripts note:

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: You never want to go viral when you’re in the White House, particularly if you’re someone very few people know, someone named Brian Deese, who’s the economic adviser in the White House. Well, he went viral. 

So you’re paying more in gas because it’s the future of the liberal world order. Okay. He again said what we have heard a few times. We’ve heard, oh, Joe Biden can’t do anything about gas prices. But in their most honest moments, we’ve heard honesty from the president that when it comes to gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition, an incredible transition as you’re pumping your gas at $5 a gallon. Jennifer Granholm said that we’re accelerating the move to clean energy. So in their most lucid moments, they are admitting that when you pump your gas, when you see, as I did, you know, 100 something dollars, that’s intentional. They want you to get rid of your car. They want you to move to a clean energy vehicle. It’s all part of the great liberal transition. So just pat yourself on the back this 4th of July. 

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