Antony-22 via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats in Richmond have announced they will seek recounts in two House of Delegates races.

The Republican candidates lead the Democratic incumbents in both, but only by razor-thin margins.

As The Hill reports:

Dels. Martha Mugler (D) and Alex Askew (D), who both represent districts in the Hampton Roads area, announced on Tuesday that they were seeking recounts in their races.

The Associated Press has yet to call the contests; however, in the 91st District, Mugler trails Republican A.C. Cordoza by only 94 votes, while Askew is behind Republican Karen Greenhalgh by 127 votes in the 85th District.

Democrats cited reporting errors in requesting the recounts.

“In light of the errors and changes in reporting of ballots, we are requesting a recount in order to exercise all possible due diligence,” Mugler said in a statement.

Despite the developments, Republicans say they are confident that neither recount will produce a different result.