Left: Governor Ralph Northam (D); Right: Attorney General Mark Herring (D)

Democrat Justin Fairfax looks well on his way to losing again, and the only question is whether he brings his running mates down with him.

It’s been a troubling situation because as an attorney, Fairfax represented interests that his fellow Democrat candidates would attack if he was someone else.

The fact remains that Fairfax’s campaign has been so lackluster that Democrats have been distancing themselves from him.  Northam?  Herring?  Both previous statewide winners in general elections.  Fairfax hasn’t gotten so much as a peep of promotion from his party or his statewide running mates.  In many ways, he’s been left to fend for himself.

Fairfax’s politics haven’t made it easy, signing on to Socialist Sanders plan to put everyone in the country on Medicaid, eliminating jobs that he doesn’t think are good enough, and a host of other extreme liberal policies in an effort to get some friendly media attention.

Nothing has worked.

He’s even tried to claim racism when he gets policy facts wrong and was called on his errors.

When Jeff Schapiro lampoons your publicity stunts, you do get publicity, but not the kind that helps a failing campaign.

“Coming off his second and final debate this past Thursday with Jill Vogel, Fairfax — via his surrogates and social media — is wondering whether the Republican is playing the race card by saying he is “not informed” “

Schapiro called the stunt “Old South politics” and said Fairfax was campaigning “like it’s 1985.”

Actually, he’s campaigning like its 2013 when he lost before.

Some polls have shown Fairfax trailing his running mates, and in some cases by a lot.  The Washington Post finally threw him a lifeline this week, with an article clearly aimed to resuscitate his lackluster campaign.

Oops, are we allowed to call a lackluster campaign a lackluster campaign?  We better be, because it is and Democrats know it, too.

The only question is when Jill Vogel defeats Justin Fairfax in a few weeks, will Justin drag Ralph and Mark down with him.