New Cox Ad Hits MLB, Democrats Hard on Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture may not feel like a kitchen table issue, but it is. It's at the heart of our everyday life.


Del. Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights), candidate for Governor, highlighted his role as a former baseball coach in a new ad Monday hitting the MLB and the Left on cancel culture.

After Stacey Abrams’ — or should we say “Governor” Abrams’ — misinformation crusade, characterizing Georgia’s voting laws as the new Jim Crow, corporate America buckled and the MLB decided moving the All-Star game from Atlanta was the most appropriate way to cower to the woke mob.

“I spent 20 years coaching baseball… championships and a few heart breaks. Lessons learned, big dreams realized. Lives changed, and no politics — or at least until now. Cancel culture threatens everything in it’s path, now even baseball,” Cox says in his latest ad.

He’s right.

There was a time when sports was sports and politics was politics. But now the Left desires to permeate through every facet of American life, and drain the lifeblood of our country with their misguided pursuit of political correctness.

Even worse, their latest attempts at cancellation don’t just stem from a lack of forgiveness. This time it’s built on a total lie. To compare the Georgia voter bill to Jim Crow is not only egregiously false, it’s a slap in the face to the black Americans that suffered under genuine systematic oppression.

“Not only was it [MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game] a bad policy decision, driven by lies,” Cox says, “it sends the wrong message to kids playing on the ball field. It makes them even question what they know, putting politics where it just doesn’t belong.” 

Democrats are unsurprisingly giving Cox’s new ad a thumbs down. But why? Likely because they can’t come to terms with the culture of fear they have created. The Left often spins Republican complaints of this culture as the GOP being angry they can’t be or do racist things. That’s a bad faith argument.

The problem with cancel culture isn’t the consequences for saying hateful things, it’s the lack of forgiveness we are manifesting in our country. The problem isn’t that hateful things shouldn’t be condemned, it’s when “hateful” begins to be defined as anything contrary to the Left’s agenda.

Democrats are complaining that Cox has lost site of the real issues, meaninglessly shouting about professional baseball. But what they don’t understand is it is so much more than that, which is why Cox is right to chime in. We are very much so in a battle for our nation’s soul. The Left has created a culture of fear so quick to poison anything with political dispute, and demand acquiescence from anyone who dares to stray from progressive ideology.

“Cancel Culture” may not feel like a kitchen table issue, but it is. It’s at the heart of our everyday life. If we don’t put an end to the Left’s pursuit of demanding subjective perfection, this country will become miserable. Democrats want a future where kids can’t play sports carefree. They want their toxic politics to infiltrate every part of society to the point where we throw in the towel and say “fine, have it your way.”

“I’m Kirk Cox, and if you’re fed up with the Left trying to cancel everything and everyone they disagree, join me today — and together we will cancel cancel culture.”

This fight is one worth fighting, and if the sane caucus doesn’t speak up, we are doomed.

Good on Republicans like Kirk Cox for standing up to the woke Left.