Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Cox Slams Northam on CRT; Vows To Overhaul Virginia Department of Education

Meanwhile, the Democrats are facing a near-violent insurgency within their own ranks to go further on CRT, which simply does not bode well for McAuliffe's campaign heading into the dog days of summer. 

New Cox Ad Hits MLB, Democrats Hard on Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture may not feel like a kitchen table issue, but it is. It's at the heart of our everyday life.

Cox Slams Dirty Anti-Youngkin Ads; Condemns ‘Cowardly’ Tactics By Other Campaigns

“One thing I’ve tried to do in this business is always be honest with people, and it’s frustrating to me — and to Virginians — when others aren’t."

Cox Slams Northam, McAuliffe Over Parole Board Scandal

While other Republicans are joining Cox in their criticisms, Cox continues to be the only candidate interested in holding the Democrats' feet to the fire.

Congressman Morgan Griffith Endorses Kirk Cox for Governor

Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA09) — representing Southwest Virginia’s “Fightin’ Ninth” — endorses Kirk Cox for Governor.  Often reluctant to insert himself in a Republican contest,...

Cox To Northam: If You Don’t Fire Parole Board, I Will

Governor Ralph Northam is dragging his feet in the face of the evidence. Delegate Kirk Cox isn't going to let that slide for long.

Big Tech Censors Local Gun Shop

Big Tech is at it again -- but this time, they aren’t just silencing free speech, they are also taking hacks at the Second...

Virginia Democrats Aren’t Even Hiding The Football Anymore

In Soviet Virginia, environmentalists megadonors manage YOU!

Cox To Northam: Give The $730 Million Tax Surplus Back To Virginia Taxpayers

Northam overtaxed Virginians to the tune of $730mil. Maybe they should give it back?

Cox Releases Plan to Hold Big Tech Accountable

After pushing Northam to open Virginia's schools, Cox is on to the next big idea -- keeping the public square free from the heavy hand of censorship.