Monday, June 27, 2022
Home News Northam Allocates $20mil To Help Small Businesses Destroyed By His Policies

Northam Allocates $20mil To Help Small Businesses Destroyed By His Policies

The total of federal CARES Act dollars spent rises to $120 million.


After a long year of wrecking small businesses, riots, looting, and haphazard policies designed to scare Virginians rather than treating us as adults?

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has announced that he is releasing an additional $20 million of President Trump’s CARES Act monies to hard pressed and struggling small businesses impacted by Northam’s own policies.

From the press release:

“Small businesses and nonprofits are among those hit hardest by the pandemic, and many are bracing for an uncertain few months ahead as the virus surges and we await the widespread availability of the vaccines,” says Governor Northam in the release. “Virginia’s small business community remains diligent in protecting the health and safety of their employees and customers, and we must continue to support them in every way we can. With Congress finally acting on a long-overdue relief package, I am also grateful that Virginia businesses will now have another opportunity to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program in the near future.”

To date, 2,800 businesses have received CARES Act funding out of the over 20,000 small businesses and non-profits that have applied.

Meanwhile, with Virginia’s public schools woefully mismanaged by Northam’s Department of Education despite having since March to prepare for the reopening of schools and Northam’s own mixed messages on COVID restrictions, it is no small wonder why Virginia families are struggling — despite Virginia raking in an unprecedented $1.5 billion tax surplus during 2020.

Should we thank him?