Northam Booed By Fairfax Progressives Over Atlantic Coast Pipeline


The hits just keep on coming for Ralph Northam’s embattled campaign for governor as Fairfax County’s progressives actively booed him at a recent FACS Gubernatorial Energy Forum.

From the Republican Governors Association:

Northam’s campaign has been constantly harassed by anti-pipeline Democrats who have protested his campaign office openings, interrupted him at a debate, and even hijacked the stage at his primary night victory party. With each passing day, Northam continues to alienate his base, leaving Democrats more and more divided ahead of the crucial November election.

This hasn’t exactly been missed by the folks at Blue Virginia, who remain aghast as to why Northam will not adopt gubernatorial challenger Tom Perriello’s progressive stand against the project.

What’s more significant here is that the problem — once thought to be relegated to western Virginia — seems to have legs even in the heart of northern Virginia, a Democratic stronghold that Northam must carry with significant margins in order to be victorious in November.


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