There’s a saying in statistics — correlation does not imply causality.  So when the gun grabbers don’t even have correlation on their side?

That’s going to be a narrative wrecking result for the Democrats.  Not that Ralph Northam isn’t trying his best to change the narrative of the Virginia gubernatorial campaign by trying to ride tragedy into the Executive Mansion.  Nor is this stopping Fenil Nirappil over at the Washington Post, who has published not one, not two, but three anti-Gillespie screeds in as little as 24 hours describing how the Virginia gubernatorial elections are now “roiled” with a shifting narrative.

The story is, gun homicide rates — including mass shootings — have gone down since the 1990s.  AEI’s graph here is probably a case-in-point for our left-of-center readers about correlation and causality — but if that argument holds here, then why doesn’t it hold above?

Of course, what Northam and his political handlers want isn’t an actual policy at all.  “Do something!” isn’t a responsible answer to tragedy, though it sure is a wonderful means of capitalizing on the dead in ghoulish form, as Democrat Chris Hurst seems gleefully willing to employ time and time again.

When the Democrats justify unethical and even borderline illegal actions on principle (i.e. spamming citizens to vote), is it any small wonder why Northam et al. are willing to trample upon other people’s rights for rank political power?

No one is going to buy the argument that Northam actually cares about gun violence, not while Richmond has seen a spike in violent gang activity while Northam has yet to even address the issue (Gillespie has).

And no one is going to buy the Washington Post narrative that somehow things have changed in the wake of Las Vegas when instance such as the Fort Hood terror attack, the Orlando terror attack, and other violent mass shootings by jihadists go underreported as mere incidents rather than what they actually are.

When the Vice President of CBS tells the victims of Las Vegas’ shooting that they deserved it?  Tell me what moral standing the political left or the mainstream media has to scold conservatives on their Second Amendment rights?  When the leadership of such organizations feel comfortable enough to publicly say what is more than likely joked about in private — that the victims deserved to be massacred?

The media can spin and collude with the Democrats all they choose.  Perhaps if there is an instance of correlation meeting causality, the Washington Post et al. might want to start in their own backyard — before spinning up tragedy for political power points.