The Washington Post — after shilling for the professional left for the last six months assuring the world that all was well — is now back to writing the news again:

The cumulative impact of “defunding the police” and the BLM/Antifa protests has had an impact on law enforcement personnel over the last two years, as crime rates nationwide have skyrocketed.

Democratic reforms have legalized or made permissible a number of infractions that once set the demarcation line rather low for criminal activity.

Yet as the latitude has increased, so too has the violence, as the Washington Post (now) helpfully explains:

The deadly spike coincided with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic: The rate of killings rose nearly 30 percent in 2020 and remained high through the following year, according to a Washington Post database created to track the toll. Even now, as the bloodshed has slowed, the homicide rate outpaces pre-pandemic levels.

Now that COVID-19 has largely subsided, the violence has not, suggesting that correlation in this instance most certainly does not prove causality — and especially when we are correlating the wrong things.