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ALLEN: Ambitious Politicians and Outside Money Schemes Against Virginia Manufacturing

Allen: "Ambitious politicians ... are determined to cast Virginia’s natural resources and manufacturers as enemies of the people and the environment."

Republican General Assembly Invests $736K To Broadcast Committee Hearings

A minor victory for Richmond Sunlight, to be sure.

Yancey Wins in HOD-94; Straight Line For Cox To Become Speaker

It's over -- Delegate David Yancey has won the draw against Democrat Shelly Simmons, who is refusing to concede her defeat.

Democrats Use Corporate Money To Get Elected; Pledge To Not Take Money To Get...

...after just taking a boatload of corporate money to get elected, of course.

Guy Who Fumbled Hillary FBI Investigation Would Like To Fail At Something New

Remember the guy who fouled up the FBI's Hillary e-mail investigation? The guy whose wife got $600K from McAuilffe to run against State Senator Dick Black?

Courts Rule HOD-94 Tie; Drawing Of Lots On Schedule Despite Snow Forecast

Newport News Circuit Court has ruled that the election in HOD-94 is indeed a tie, which means that the drawing by lots as prescribed by law will proceed.

BREAKING: Speaker Howell Hospitalized For Chest Pains, Emergency Surgery

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Speaker this week. 

UPDATE: Why Is Northam’s Pick For Commerce and Trade Being Delayed?

Is the delay in naming the new Secretary for Commerce & Trade due to Northam attempting to woo a Republican State Senator? Sources say yes...

Comstock, Haley Top CNN’s Top 7 Women To Watch In 2018

Comstock and Haley are among two Republican women whose accomplishments have gained the attention of national heavy hitters.

FACTCHECK: Offshore Drilling Is The Key To National Security

The Defense Department never said offshore drilling is dangerous. Rather, leftist pressure groups and activists are playing the media for fools.